Warlands Legends ⚔️ Dev Edition #3

Dev Edition # 3: Warlands This Week’s Targets

Hello Warfam! Welcome to Warlands Weekly Devlog, we are going to launch the first beta of Warlands in March, and This week we bring you our actual WIP. In the upcoming week, we are focusing more on testing the “Staking NFT” feature, upgrading graphics, and a lot more.

But before we get into that check-in the below image

Warlands Merch!!!!

We now have some good merch in store.😍

AMA with Khal (Spanish): https://youtu.be/jsFSVIVemXc

Final Desert Environment

1. Environment asset & level design targets:

This week we finalized our new and updated environment, ready for our warriors to fight and conquer the zones.

  • Ice Environment — This is one of the toughest zones to conquer as players can easily get lost in the thick ice. We worked hard to present you with a good quality scenario: monsters of the ice zone don’t leave tracks behind and they can attack you from anywhere. So our advice is if you are a braveheart then ice environment is not for you
  • By the way check the image below, we went from this:
  • To this:

Desert environment upgraded — We finally polished the desert environment and designed it in a strategic way where players can find rare weapons/chests and attack the monsters to conquer the zone but “be aware the monsters of the desert have adapted themselves to this biome and can easily kill you.”

2. Characters, objects, Mounts main targets:

This week we bring you something never shown before: consumable weapons and utility items:

  • The new variety of weapons — A completely new range of throwable potion weapons which can poison your enemies in a blink of an eye, with different characteristics like “Makes enemies slower controls the monsters or Kills enemies in an instant.”
  • Flags to represent conquerors of the zones — As soon your team conquerors and zones these flags will turn their color for your team and will inform your whenever an enemy tries to damage them.
Neutral zone

And for a conquered zone:

  • Conquered by our Blue team warriors or Conquered by our Red team warriors.
  • New Ice Monster —A new devil main monster for our Ice environment, “She is one of the cruelest monsters watches out for her spikes and speed”
We know she is not a real princess

3. UI/UX main targets:

This week we still improving Staking UI, we create a new environment and UI buttons to control the locked time:

  • New UI features for staking — An easy way of choosing the staking days.
  • Player Camera movement — We got a lot of feedback on the camera movement of the player and that a vertical movement should also be introduced for better aim and faster kills.
  • So we did some brainstorming and added a Vertical gaming system in our game. Now players can have full control of the character movement and his attacks:
Vertical Camera

4. New Content and Features:

This week we will be doing final Internal testing for the same to give our users the best product.

Welcome to the battle

“Stake your character and remember if you run out of empty space to stake means you need more land cards.”

See ya next week!

Thanks again for tuning into the third edition of developer-diary weekly. Next week we want to do these AMAs:

  • Big C (unconfirmed day)
  • Kadi G (unconfirmed day)

Warlands is a virtual gaming metaverse emerging from decentralized financial technologies, actual competitive esports games, the confluence of blockchain, multiplayer video games, and a lot of passion.

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The first remunerative eSport Competitive NFT Game

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Warlands NFT

The first remunerative eSport Competitive NFT Game

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